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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shopping coloured pencils for kids

I know they are many types of coloured pencils available in the market now. I do not shop for very cheap colored pencils, I saw colored pencils as cheap as RM5 for 24 colored pencils. Who knows what is the contained of colored pencils? I am not sure if they are safe for kids.

My friends told me to purchase twelve coloured pencils only for children to bring to school. They tend to lost their coloured pencils often, it is no joke it happened to my son. His classmates brought coloured pencils to class but never use them.

Anyway I have purchased extra coloured pencils set for replacement the short colored pencils. How about you? My friend bought a set many years ago with thirty six coloured pencils but reluctant to give her son used. It is for safe keeping and collection now.

Who loves New Year giveaway 2013?

Happy New Year and here comes the NEW YEAR giveaway 2013. You can find out on how to take part this giveaway by click on the link above.

The dress is very cute and lovely too bad I cannot fit in at all. I don't want to waste this good dress and hope there is a new owner for this lovely dress. It has inner lace and comfortable to wear, you can choose to hide the slings if you don't want to tie around your neck. I hope the 2013 will bring a new me perhaps a slim mommy!

The giveaway consists of a skin care product, yeah who does not need rejunevate sleep mask?

The Coca -cola pins are too cute to resist!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dye hair dark red this Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just a week away and I have dyed my hair dark red. I purchase the dye hair product, the product comes with free gift. As you know nobody dislike free gift, it is free gift of a card holder worth RM15! The hair dye product cost a bit over RM20.00.

It is not an obvious red colour because it is dark red, just nice for my black hair. My friend on the other hand, her hair is obviously red because she went to salon to dye hair. Dye hair in salon cost even more.

My sister-in-law dyed her hair chocolate colour; I can't wait to see what my parents-in-law going to dye what colour for their hair. No kidding my father-in-law not just dyes his hair but also his eyebrows.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chinese New Year performance@Subang Parade

Have you been to Subang Parade? They have two drums on the stage where people can go and play it. It is fun to see my boys playing the drums. My boy has the interest to play drum he's asking if there's any chance he learns to play drum in school, we'll see about that.
The other day we were in Subang Parade we ended up having McD for dinner because the Chinese restaurant fulled of people. I haven't got the chance to lousang with my family members. Anyway I am thinking to purchase one and do it at home.
Have you to any mall to see Chinese New Year performance? I know Sunway Pyramid has got the big ship and fishes in pond.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shopping for your girlfriends

Valentine's is just few weeks away, do you know what to shop for your girlfriend or wife? My friend told me of the website to find intimate cosmetics online, they have special price on certain items. Most of my friends prefer to shop online because of they find it convenient and hassle free. Good news for Canadian buyers who orders over $100, they can get FREE SHIPPING.

I know some men are shy to shop for lingerie for their girlfriend in shop, now with Internet access they can buy lingeries online. Surprise your loved ones with a few pieces of sexy lingerie sets. I saw the lingerie sets they are pretty and designs are not unique. Now you know the secret of spice up your relationship in the bedroom. It is interesting there is Bedroom Rockstar Foreplay Game available; you can play it all night long.

If you are shopping within your budget you can check out the products on sale in the website. I visited the website; it is user friendly and easy to browse. Now take your time to browse for your Valentine's gift. A girl may live without cosmetics but not without lingerie. Now with Internet access you can shop both for your loved ones.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My LOVE towards my kids

Being mommy of two boys, they are hands full! I am ectopic mommy, I had my right fallopian tube remove because gynae said it its not remove I might need to have second surgery! It is gift of God, I am having two wonderful boys.

I have learn that I cannot be selfish, it is family first now and I don't spend all on myself anymore. Children needs formula milk powder and diapers. I have not breastfeeding my youngest boy anymore, he's going to be two year old this June. I am lack of breast milk so best for him would be formula milk powder. I never regret breastfeeding my eldest boy for three and half year.

I would be thinking twice or triple before I shop anything, frankly speaking I am shopping for my boys more. I purchased books for him to learn and practice, I will check on the price if there is promotion it would be even better.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Am I going tan under the sun?

It is third week my son goes to primary school; I can feel the sunburn on my face and legs. I know I should be wearing the long pants instead of shorts because of hot afternoon here. I need to apply sunscreen for my face and hands, I see many moms and aunties wearing the long sleeve to cover their hands but I don't think they are working!

I have friends with natural tan skin and she told me she has no choice but to love it. Well I think there is advantage of having tan, look she does not need to go for any fake tan!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Movie review: MAMA 2013 *horror movie

Last night I had the chance to watch movie with my dear, thanks to nuffnang! The movie MAMA, is a Horror movie! If you love to watch horror movie, don't go alone this movie is scary and i was told some girls have to close eyes to watch the movie.
It is about two little girls lost in the jungle, before this happened the girls' daddy killed their mother before putting the girls in the car. The daddy driving so fast, Victoria kept telling him to slow down but he shouted on her and the car skiied. Victoria is three year old and Lily only one year old. After the car skiied the dad brought them a old house in the woods. Creepy! Victoria saw someone in the house and told her dad but he wouldn't listen! They are not alone in the old house, her dad wanted to suicide but first he needs to kill her girls.
Victoria wears glasses and daddy took away and tell her look at window outside has a deer, when he tried to pull trigger of the gun the ghost came and killed him! Without the glasses Victoria does not see clearly and cannot find his dad. The ghost is a lady ghost who lost her baby, she take care the girls by providing them berry to eat. After five years only the girls were found in the same house and they are fierce, they walked like dogs with hands and legs on ground.
The girls uncle and girlfriend wants to take care of them and they are given a house free of rent. The girls aunt Jean wants to prove the girls were abused and came in the house one night! The lady ghost loves the girls so much she wants them, I bet you want to know rest of story! Watch it at cinema near you...

A mother's love is forever! No mom would want their children to be taken or harm.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I need a movie break!

Yes tonight are my dear and I going for the first movie in this year 2013, yes I am very happy and excited but let's see how it goes as we haven't been to TGV One Utama before. How about you?

I am going to have a quick update now because I need to go school soon, my son wants me to be there during his break! I am not sending any food to him as I have given him money to purchase food. He spends $1 on an apple drink, and $1 on a pack of popcorn! His first time hands on buying things for himself, I am proud of him. I gave him a wallet with his name and class detail inside, just in case it got missing.

I don't know if I am able to see him today, they will be many mommies and guardian there to stand and recess time very crowded! No kidding yesterday I only manage saw his hair?! LOL

Okay got to run, need find parking near the school. I am not sure if I am coming back after his break, I might just hang out there until he's off from school!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kindergarten with security guard

I passing by the kindergarten a few times, i didnt get the name as it is early morning. For the first time i am seeing kindergarten with security guard. The guard is in uniform, i think this kindgarten fees must be expensive.

Anyway it is good kindergarten with security guard or with CCTV installed. i saw many kindergarten still lack of CCTV. Even the one my son attended.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Guess how much is my haircut?

I had my hair cut last Friday in Midvalley, now here's your chance to win something from me. I haven't think of what gift yet, so you can start guess on how much my hair cut. It is my first time to get hair cut in Midvalley.

I am happy having my shorter hair now because hot weather. I need to pick up my son from school every day, the walk distance to the car is quite far so you know all the sweat and hand carry his school trolley bag.

Mommy is the hero I would say that because I find many moms waiting for their children at the school. I need to reach early to find parking or else I need to find far away and stuck in jam because of double parking at road sides.

Today I feel like sunburn on my right cheek!

You need to comment this way if you like to guess on how much is my haircut.

GFC follower id:

You may guess one time in one comment, new guess in another comment.
Be the first to give me correct guess wins a gift from me!
Open to my blog follwers with address in Malaysia for postage.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Hairstyle for Me

I have a new hairstyle for this New Year, I had my hair cut in Midvalley after the SHILLS new product launched I attend on 4 January 2013. Now I feel my hair less heavy and lesser hair. It will be easier for me to manage my hair now since my son has started his primary school.

My baby going to be 19 months old just falls asleep in the sarong. On the day before I head to the event I took photos of son's homework and ask other moms about it.

What have you done for the first week of New Year?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Do you sing songs to your kids go poop?

This may sound weird but it is first time I heard that parent sing songs to kids so they can poop. This maybe just in the movie of Parental Guidance but I think it may be true in life. It is funny movie Artie the grandfather even told the youngest grandson that he does not know to sing song for pee.

We do sing songs to them while they are still baby so they can sleep. My youngest son likes to listen to music so he can go to sleep. In day time he would prefer listen songs with performance like Chinese New Year songs.

I have parents that come up with idea of driving their kid in the car so they can fall asleep. Yeah it is tiring and bad habit for the children because they are used to it so you need to drive them in the neighbourhood until the children fall asleep.

I can tell you story telling for my boy to goes to sleep does not work at all. That's for me; it may not be the same for everyone. My eldest boy prefers to sing himself to sleep.

Edit on 6 January Sunday, I just remember that my dear did sang song for eldest boy when he was baby and pooping.

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