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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Dress for a Hot Summer

Many people nowadays like to display a keen fashion sense that says that they are up-to-date with all the latest trends. However, this is a lot harder for some people than it is for others and one of the main reasons can be the weather. Extremes, both hot and cold, make it difficult for you to show off your best outfits. If it is freezing, all of your fancy clothing will be hidden under a large winter coat, while if it is really hot, you will barely want to wear anything at all. However, dressing properly during a hot summer is still possible and we are here to tell you how.

1. Set your priorities This is the first thing that you should do. While it is important for you to look good, there is a line you must not cross if you still want to feel good. You need to find a good balance between appearance and functionality in everything you wear. All your clothes will need to be very light if you do not want to end up being a sweaty mess. If that happens, you won’t look good no matter what you wear.

2. Choose your fabrics carefully Whenever you are picking out something to wear on a hot summer, the first thing you should ask is “What is it made of?” You will want your clothing to allow the skin to breathe so that you do not overheat. Fabrics that are porous, contain fine threads and loose weaves are the key here. Typically, you will want to go with natural fibers as artificial ones are usually non-breathable. Think of cotton and linen as your best options.

3. Think about the shoes It is vital that you get the footwear right because, if you do not, your feet can be prone to a lot of sweating. Obviously, your final choices will also be dictated by your circumstances – you might not be able to wear what you want when you go to work or a fancy dinner party – but, if you can, sandals are usually the best option. The fact that they are open toe means that you can avoid wearing socks which will only heat up your feet and it also allows the breeze to sweep past your toes. A pair of Orthaheel sandals would be great in this situation.

4. Reflect the sun The more of the sun’s rays your body absorbs, the hotter you will be. That is why you should look to wear something that reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it. When it comes to clothes, this means light colors. White, yellow, light green and other similar colors work great for the summer style because they are much better at reflecting the sunlight, thus keeping your body cool. Now that you know what to wear in order to feel comfortable and look good, it is time to take the next step. Visit and you will find a host of different kinds of footwear that is perfect for summer and will fit your style.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Get scared with *The Conjuring 2013*

Yesterday night we get the chance to watch The Conjuring, yeah happy me because I won two movie passes to watch it. Earlier I missed the chance to watch because same night was The Wolverine.

How do we calm ourselves when watching this movie? We have got popcorn or chips in hand to eat while watching the movie. Yeah I think this way we get less scare watching the movie. How about you?

In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Perron with their five daughters move into a old farm house in Harrisville, Rhode Island. On the first day, one of their daughters found a music box near the tree. They are happy to see the house once they reach there, the first night their dog didn't want to enter the house. The second day their daughter went looking for the dog but found him dead. Carolyn has bruise on her leg, the bruise started appearing on her body each day. Yeah creepy, Roger ask her to see a doctor.

Do you know how they bought the old farm house? It is through auction and they have no idea who was earlier living in this home. Even though the home is beautiful near the lake but sad to say not everything look that perfect. One woman hang herself at the branch of the tree near the lake.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are paranormal investigators, you will be more familiar with ghostbusters. Carolyn approached them for help because her daughters too experience the scary moments through the night.

Lorraine Warren has special gift, she can feel and sense spirit. Once she steps into the house of Carolyn and Roger Perron, she knew something is not right. They are spirits latching on the family, even though if they decided to move, it doesn't help because the spirits have latch on to the family.

If you like horror movie, you will like to how Ed and Lorraine help the family. They almost lost Carolyn and two of the daughters!

I don't know that Ed and Lorraine's home have kept all the antics and toys. Pss.. they aren't really toy to play with. Watch out!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mother and Son in baking with Planta@Mydin USJ

It is a fun moment for mother and son, yeah we took part in Mothers Baking for Charity with Planta.

Just take a look at how serious my son is, he helped to decorate the Raya cookies.
If you have interest in baking for charity, it is happening at Mydin USJ. For detail click on the above link to find out.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Launched of 'Realms of Raya' at Sunway Pyramid

The Realams of Raya is launch on 23 July is launched by Tuan Hj. Abdullah Bin Marjunid, Timabalan Yang Dipertua for Subang Jaya Munipal Council, featuring a Turkish-inspired dance performance to also welcome Datuk Seri Razman Hashim, Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group, Dato' Ngeow Voon Yean, Managing Director of Sunway Property Investment Division, TV personalities Nazruddin Habibur Rahman and his wife Sheahnee Iman Lee with their lovely daughter, along with invited guests.

It's meaningful Hari Raya in Sunway Pyramid, as the mall embarks on an exotic escapade by highlighting the finest in shopping experience and colourful backgrounds of the Ottoman Empire! The LG1 Main Courcourse is 'transformed' into a Mini Grand Bazaar from 19 July till 18 August. After welcome remarks from Emcee, follow by Doa Selamat by Uztaz Abdul Zaid bin Abdul. There is welcome remarks by Mr HC Chan CEO, Sunway Shopping Mall & Themes Parks.

This Ramadan and Syawal, Sunway Pyramid is embarking on a campaign to reach out to everyone to reflect upon the spirit of the festive season by remembering the true meaning of the singular beautiful act of 'salam' (handshake). Titled "Salam from the Heart", the mall's S.O.S (Some Of uS) campaign is built upon the profound meaning embedded in the deeply symbolic act, that is often taken for granted.

This Ramadan and Syawal, Sunway Pyramid invites shoppers to discover the intricacies of the Turkish art and cultural heritage in the mall. Themed the 'Realms of Raya', Sunway Pyramid will display a unique Turkey-inspired masterpiece at the mall's concourse, accompanied by a mini Grand Bazaar featuring Turkish delicacies and fashionable wear for Raya including designs by prominent designer, Sofia Iman.
'Salam Dari Hati' Takes from the heart with Nazruddin from NTV7 Breakfast Show and Sheahnee Iman Lee, it is about how their love story related to 'Salam'. They have taught their daughter the important of 'Salam'.

Celebrities Nazruddin Habibur Rahman and wife Sheahnee Iman Lee, will engage in a mass act of salam, sending a message of love to all Malaysians at the launch of the mall's Hari Raya celebrations, themed, 'Realms of Raya'.

The guests from Masjid Al-Husna Bandar Sunway and around 30 underprivileged children from the Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih will be adding the merriment to the 'Realms of Raya' Launch.

As part of the campaign, a "Salam from the Heart", video has been conceptualized, written and acted out by the Sunway Pyramid team, in an effort to convey a genuinely personal message to all Malaysians. The video is available on Sunway Pyramid's Facebook and You Tube pages, and serves as a call for all to appreciate the meaning of the act of 'salam'.

You can view the video from this link:

Thank you Sunway Pyramid for the Salam from the Heart invitation.

Don't forget to read on how to get your hands on the Charming Raya Collectibles Redemption items. Click to find out. :D

For more pictures on launch, you can check out my instagram sherrygo

Insictech Musicland Raya Giveaway....

Are you in the Hari Raya Mood, have you done your shopping?

If you like giveaway, don't forget to enter Insictech Musicland Raya Giveaway and stand a chance to win.....

Grand Prize x 1:
AEON Shopping Voucher worth RM100 + Raya Music Hamper worth RM200,
Including UK's Konangan Di Aidilfitri Autographed album.....

Consolation Prizes x 10:
UK's Konangan Di Aidilfitri Autographed album

Giveaway opens for everyone residing in Malaysia

Don't just read here, click above link to find out.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Wolverine VS Conjuring movies

Yesterday I told you about the expired GSC Vouchers I won. Well, I must say both movies are not related but I can tell you I won both passes to watch both movies! Yes, both same night too. Oh boy, this is tough decision. This morning heading to school to wait for son and I was in the car. I listen to MIX FM and there goes the song Gangnam Style, DJ said after the song will be four tickets up for grab! Guess what?! I waited..

I then listen to Q to call and I called in and answered the question correctly and that's it I won! I didn't know the date of movie but I know it is The Wolverine. Both movie same night different type and different cinema.

Supposed I have set date with my friend to watch Conjuring, the horror movie based on true story. Now this The Wolverine where I can watch with my dear and son.

The last time I won from MIX FM was OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL!

Expired GSC movie voucher still can use?

My bad, only today i realized that i have a pair of GSC movie vouchers. Sadly they have expired on 28 June, 2013! Crap why i left it inside the bag, lesson learn always check the bags!!

Feeling sad not able to use the movie vouchers, reminds me that always check the date of the vouchers in hand.

I have the dining vouchers RM30, yeah those expired too! Expiry on 10 July, 2013.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Esse Gives Back on 19 July,ANNEXE Gallery, Gallery 2

You can refer to my earlier post by click on the poster above.
Esse Organic Skincare, an eco-conscious skincare brand promoting a sustainable lifestyle, will be hosting a one day "Nature" themed charity art sale event. The artwork will be painted by children, for children. Proceeds from the artwork will be donated to SHELTER – Home for Children in Malaysia. We protect what we love. By encouraging our children to paint the beauty of nature, we are also teaching them to love our irreplaceable Mother Earth.
We would like to invite you to come join us on the 19th July at Annexe Gallery, Central Market, to show your support for these amazing young artists and to SHELTER. Gallery can be view here and is available for bookings.
RSVP: Camy Ling | +6012-976 5737 |

Sales: Maria Yap | +6012-212 0371 |

Date: 19th July 2013 Time: 11am to 7pm Location: ANNEXE Gallery, Gallery 2
Click here to join the event :

One of the children painted above.
Butterfly City - Tan Ming Xi, 9
“Inspired by the most beautiful little creature in the nature and how she can be this awesome to occupy the humans.”

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Esse Gives Back 2013

Esse Gives Back is a one day "Nature" themed charity art sale event. The event encourages children all over the world to participate by creating an artwork about nature. These amazing young artists, ages from 3 to 16 years old, painted their love for nature into these artworks. The artworks are submitted from as far away as USA and South Africa, to Hong Kong, China, Australia, Singapore and also from Malaysia.

All the artworks are painted by children, for children. The proceeds from sales of the artwork will be donated to SHELTER – Home for Children in Malaysia. SHELTER is a registered welfare organization in Malaysia that has been in existence since 1981 to help abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children. They provide care and education to them and raise public awareness on issues such child abuse and child protection.

[Invitation card to Public to come] You may refer to the above. :D
Good day to you.  We would like to to extend our gratitude to invite you [and your friend] to ESSE Gives back charity on 19 July, at Annexe Gallery, Central Market. 11:00 am till 7:00 pm

Please feel free to extend the invitation to your esteemed organization to support us by distributing out this invitation to all your corporate or VIPs members, those are keen to do charity and participating for this meaningful event.

Also, you may view the 100 paintings and purchase them online prior to the event day or just attend the auction at 4pm on 19 July, at Annexe Gallery. 

Of course, you’re cordially invited to attend this cheerful event on 19 July and really appreciate if you could RSVP and support the event via

Shelterhome website :
Pictures of the paintings :
Photos of Nadia Heng visiting Shelter Home :
Photos of the painting :

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Replacement class for the haze three days!

I didn't get the chance to read newspaper yesterday but this morning son's classmate mom told me there is replacement class for haze days that children didn't attend during the haze. The three Saturdays replacement class fall on 1st this Saturday, 2nd 3 Aug, 3rd on 24 August.

I am not sure if second day count as son's school has school during that day!

Anyway hope to get the school notice by today for detail.

This info she saw it on yesterday newspaper!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice

This is Sunday there will be Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice in Leisure Mall, Cheras. Yeah you will be seeing me there if you are going. It is the last day for the fifty participants, who will be the ten winners for the challenge? They will only reveal it on the day itself. I can't believe that 14 days challenge are over!

The time is 1.30pm-4pm, you can also make purchase on spot from Guardian in Leisure Mall. They have freebies available if your purchase is RM150 above, RM250 above, or RM450 above. Yeah with terms and conditions! Check out my instagram sherry go, I posted up the ad from newspaper I saw today.

The freebies are worth RM100 for purchase above RM150, worth RM180 for purchase above RM250, and worth RM300 for above RM450 purchase.

Monday, July 1, 2013

TWO Sets of Urban Decay's Naked Palette 2 giveaway

I love cosmetics and just took part to win the set of Urban Decay's Naked Palette 2, you can take part this giveaway too just click on the link!

Good luck!

ARE YOU ‘THE FACE OF HEALTHY BEAUTY’? 4 finalists selected in the third Semi-Finals held in Shah Alam

Guardian Malaysia which is on a nation-wide quest to find FOUR women, who best fit the bill as ‘The Face of Healthy Beauty’ held its third...