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Monday, September 30, 2013


Received this email and decided to share info on the new MBO Starclub card!

Introducing the brand new MBO STARCLUB 

Enjoy your movie treats like never before with

1. Free membership ! No monthly or annual fee
2. Earn 10 Star Points for every RM1 spent through online purchases or at box office / concession counters
3. Redeem Free Movie Tickets, Concessions & limited edition movie merchandises with the Star Points earned
4. ALLSTAR Tuesday*. RM9 any movie, any time  
5. TWO Birthday Complimentary* movie tickets during your Birthday month
7. Dedicated member's ticket lane

sign up as ALLSTAR now at

* T&C applies


The existing MBO Member's Program and its privileges will be fully be discontinued by 15th November 2013.
We recommend members to spend all balance credit in the card before registering for the new STARCLUB membership.

For more information or queries on this matter, kindly email

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Z Cool hair colour from Thailand

During the Hatyai trip, I decided to shop for hair colour. Above box is the Z Cool hair colour. RM10 for a box during sales. I bought two boxes and share one with sister-in-law.
One box may not be enough for my thick hair. Anyway I love the colour though it looks like not enough for my hair. :D
What do you think of this colour?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Minions everywhere

Do you like minions? I saw many minions and they are in many form namely stationary, stickers, and toys.

I saw minion key chains too. I haven't seen anyone comes up with minions labels. I mean labels for stationery or books, I am sure they will be nice. :D

Minion toys are not cheap! So far I only have the Minions from Happy Meal of McD. I only managed purchased three, that's all. :D

Say do you like minions?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Beauty Kit Giveaway by Small and Hot

I love giveaway, how about you? Check out this giveaway and what's the Prize below.

1 x Goodies from Etude House
1 x SEQOCI dress of your choice
1 x L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil
1 x Customizable Vanity Trove
1 x Complimentary Dining Experience at Big Chomp Burger
3 x Mystery Prizes
This giveaway held by Small and Hot,
September Beauty Kit Giveaway !!

Click above link to find out how to win!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Free Tattoo @Paradigm Mall

Yesterday was a fun day for us, yeah we check out the Honda show at Paradigm Mall. On the spot, they are free tattoo, yeah spray on paint tattoo which you can see above my picture. Mine with Scorpion and sister-in-law with rose, son chosen the heart!
We can't get enough of the free tattoo and decided to have more. We have the paint tattoo instead, I chosen the heart while she chosen lady bird. There's a red shark paint tattoo on son's arm which I didn't snap a picture.
Just for fun, we took the survey for Honda and got the lucky draw numbers. But we are not sure if we will be in Paradigm tomorrow night at 9pm for the announcement of lucky draw. There is no saying of what type the prizes.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Movie Review: Grown Up 2

How are you doing? It is Friday, yeah cooling evening here.

Yesterday I bought two tickets so that I can bring my son to watch Grown Up 2. The movie is PG13. It is comedy movie and he had a good laugh from start to the end of movie.

I am glad he enjoy watching this movie. He told me that he got to hold going to restroom because he wants to finish watching the movie.

Adam Sandlers as Lenny Feder, he's father of three children. But he's adding one more to the family, yeah his wife is pregnant. There is a deer in the movie, yeah its urine spray inside Lenny and his son's mouth! Eww..

A family whose always saying WHAT?! Funny costumes you can see for the 80s.

Some parts of the movie has been cut, the part where the boys jump off the cliff naked!

One question from my son, why is the lady in the movie has big boobs? Hmm.. how to answer that?

I gave son a choice of watching Internship or Grown Up 2, he told me Grown Up 2. Both movies are rated PG13.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


The MBO ALLSTAR card from MBO it is free, however there's no discount using this card at all. You can use the card for collect points then in future use the points to redeem for movie ticket or popcorn or drink or their ALLSTAR combo.

Is this card any good? Well basically it is use for collecting point if you purchase tickets or their food and beverage.

I find it troublesome having an extra card, I seldom go to MBO Cinema. You need to go their website to validate the card. To do that, you will need to access computer to go their website.

I saw a foreigner with her friend, he's complaining about MBO ALLSTAR card. He's doesn't have an email or computer, there's no way he can validate the card. He bought the movie passes but he's not able to get any points with the new card.

Anyway the movie my son and I about to watch didn't get start on time. It supposed be 4.20pm but movie dragged up to 4.30pm. The movie we are watching Grown Up 2. The foreigner and her friend also watching the same movie.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Important Notice to MBO Cinema member card user

* MBO Cinemas has discontinued all top up facilities for the existing MBO Membership Card on 12 August 2013. This is to facilitate the transition to the new MBO Starclub Reward Program that will start in September 2013
* Members can continue to enjoy existing privileges using the balance credit in the card and pay with cash/ credit card if balance credit amount is insufficient
* The existing MBO Member's Program and its privileges will be fully be discontinued by 31 December 2013. We recommend members to spend all balance credit in the card before registering for the new reward program

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Green Hulk Costume

There goes my son playing with this mask I made for him.
Paper bags are useful, I love them so I used manila card to measure the paper bag then cut out before pasting them. I need to draw the pumpkin face on the manila card using marker pen.
The green sports long sleeve he's wearing too was one of the art he draw in class. His art of drawing a boy with Sports long sleeve, it was chosen by teacher to stick on the class's board.
Anyway he named this Green Hulk Costume. lol

Monday, September 9, 2013

Kick Ass Mask, what you think of it?

Today is Monday and maybe some of you are feeling Monday Blue.
Well tonight I have fun making this Kick Ass mask.
I used the paper bag, yeah then also the manila card and double sided tape!
Don't forget I used the green marker pen for this.
Son likes the costume of the Kick Ass 2, he asked me if I could made a mask for him.
Well above mask done by me, what do you think?
Could you tell this is a paper bag? lol
Pictures above taken by son, he insists of taking my pictures!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Strawberry Milk Mask

I have wanted to use mask for long time, yeah few like I haven't use any for at least two weeks.
Above mask is Strawberry Milk Mask the purpose is whitening and smoothing. My skin feels good after using it. It is recommended for dull and tired skin.
How to use the mask?
After cleansing, unfold the mask, remove protective backing and pace it over the face for 20-30 minutes. Sadly I think I get only 15minutes because my toddler crying looking at me. lol
Every mask packaging has the direction of usage, you can refer to that.
On this back of this mask stated if there is discomfort and swelling after use, please stop and consult your dermatologist!
Do not use this product over a would or swelling; people with sensitive skin are recommended to perform patch test for sensitivity; any advert reaction, please stop using.
This product is made in Taiwan.
Don't forget to find out how you can win the Hello Kitty colouring book, click link to find out.

Review: Veet hair removal skin

It is my first time to use the Veet hair removal cream, so far I tried the Veet Easy Grip Ready to use wax strips.

I have got the Veet hair removal cream from the magazine I bought. Yeah it is a freebie with the Magazine. This is 25gms for normal skin type to use. I can't believe I used up one tube of 25gms on my legs. I apply directly to legs with the spatula.

I do feel itchiness on my legs while waiting the cream for 3 minutes. You can choose to leave it on for maximum of 6 minutes. The effectiveness of this cream to work is depends on the thickness of hair!

I can tell you the cream removes the hair nicely but I still feel itchiness after rinse my legs with water. Before I rinse my legs with water, I use baby wipes to wipe away the cream on my legs. Yeah just want to know how much hair they removed. :D

Hmm... didn't get chance to snap picture of it because legs was itchy!

Say have you tried this before?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Guardian Walkathon 2013:iCity Shah Alam

I can't believe it has been a year, last year I took part in Guardian Walkathon 2012.
Guess what?! They are back and this year will be held in iCity, Shah Alam. That's great we haven't been there before!
I'm sad I didn't know they are selling tickets early and early birds that purchase before 25 August get RM5 off! Anyway I bought the tickets for adult RM30 each, my eldest boy RM20 each ticket. Just for your info children below three year old free but there is stated that child above 90cm need ticket?
Anyway I bought four tickets, that's maximum can be purchase. I am sure you can purchase more, you need to find out in the Guardian. Do take note you need to purchase something in RM20 above in a receipt which inclusive an item of mention in the chart.
I have mark the date for 27 Oct, Sunday for the iCity Guardian Walkathon 2013. Collection for shirts will be a week before the walkathon in SACC Mall.
Join Guardian Charity Walkathon happening 27 Oct at I-City Shah Alam.Tickets available at Klang Valley stores.
For more info log on to

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